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Dirty Looks Volume 1 - REPRINT!

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Reprinted from the original issue, published in 2016!
(Vol. 1 shipping 12/11)

Contributors to the first issue include: Malic Amalya, Gregg Araki, Amelia Bande, Katherine Brewer Ball, Dennis Cooper, Jack Halberstam, Guy Hocquenghem, G. B. Jones, Andrew Kachel, Theodore Kerr, Clara López Menéndez, Karl McCool, Bradford Nordeen, Brontez Purnell, Jill Reiter, Alice Royer, Greta Snider, Charles Theonia, Scott Treleaven and Greg Youmans.

Programs for Volume 1 include Hardcore Home Movies, Grace Jones: A One Man Show, Sesión Continua: a porn theatre in Echo Park, Maldito Sea Tu Nombre Libertad, Race D'ep!, and Totally F***ed Up!

128 pages ISBN 978-0-692-62471-5